Smart Technology

Smart Home Apps

Moasure® ONE™

Measure 24 different ways just by moving around! All-in-one compact measure tool for 3D, 2D, circumference, angles, levels, and more!

Wave Mini

Cost-effective smart indoor air quality companion offering users real-time measurements and analysis of their home’s TVOCs, temperature, and humidity - an ideal first step for anyone looking to take control of their indoor air quality.

Microchip Pet Door Connect

The world's first app-controlled Microchip Pet Door. Without the Hub, you cannot link the Pet Door Connect to the Sure Petcare App. If you already have a Hub, you can purchase the Pet Door Connect on its own.)

RxPense Medication Dispenser
$150 monthly

RxPense® is the best pill dispenser for those who need to manage 5+ medications per dose, patients with chronic disease, disabled veterans and anyone trying to cope with complex medication regimens.

Ovie Smarterware

Smarterware is smart food storage that helps you waste less food and save money. We make it easy to track, remember, and enjoy your food!