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Help & FAQS

Need help? Start here. Questions and answers about listings, print issues and promotions.

Listing and Promotions FAQs

Are listings and reviews free?

Yes. If your product is suitable for the site, a listing in the directory is free. If your product is on the site and you would like it reviewed, send a note and we will follow up with the shipping address.

Digital Options

Email sponsorships, 300 x 600 half page ads and 300 x 250 medium rectangle side banners. sponsored articles and sections with keyword, geographical, and section exclusivity options. HTML 5, mp4, and jpg formats.

Do you have any other options?

Yes, additional opportunities include email promotions, samples, larger item product giveaways, consumer and trade show demonstrations and print features in Thrive Magazine and in stgandalone publications.
Listing field information, image sizes and other details from the listing form. Hover over any field name in the form for tooltips.

Listing Details

Special Collections

Tags are available for special collections. Use for any applicable items: CES 2023, CES2023, Consumer Electronics Show, IHS 2023, Inspired Home Show 2022, OR Winter 2023, SnowShow, Outdoor Retailer,

Crowdfunding and Prelaunch

Enter your start and end dates and the link to your campaign. Active campaigns display in the Crowdfunding Special Collections area.

Related Items

Click add item to select from your previously entered listings. Choose as many as apply. You don't have to close the pop up, just wait a moment and choose the next item. Close the window when you're done.

Video Link

Add a link to a video (not a channel). This displays on the individual product details area. The main product image is the fallback if there is no video available.

Product Image

The Product Image is for website listings. It will display on item pages if you do not have a video. Ideal dimensions are 800 x 600 pixels, up to 350k, jpg or png.


Choose a primary (your main product category) and any additional ones that apply. The Product Categories link on the form opens in a new tab.

High Resolution PRINT image link

A PUBLIC (no logins) dropbox or other download location of your print ready EDITORIAL images (not plain product shots) ideally with multiple choices as we can not guarantee position placement. Images for print must be 300 dpi at 8 x 10, .pdf, .jpg or .png format. No webp, or JPEG.