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Accidentally Accessible

iKeyp PRO

iKeyp® is the world’s first smart safe for items that need to be secure but are used on a daily basis.
The patented smart safe provides real-time security and peace of mind. Keep your items safe, ensuring privacy and protection while allowing access for those who need it when they need it.

Ideal for keeping your medications safely out of reach.


The iKeyp safe - Double duty peace of mind.

If you need to keep small valuables like cash, keys or medications safe and secure, at home, the office, rehab center, nursing home, or anywhere else you need to be, this is for you.

It does everything you'd expect of a wi-fi enabled, app controlled safe, and it does it in a clean, modern looking way.

24/7 real time monitoring, alarms, and activity notifications keep you informed at all times.

The app also has medication reminders, also with notifications, so you know if it's been opened at a specific time, or if it wasn't, giving individuals and caregivers additional, important information.

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