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YogiFi By Wellnesys Inc.

An Interactive Fitness Mat that provides guided instructions and real-time corrections on your form/poses, for yoga and other workouts.

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Re-defining the yoga workout experience at home: that goes beyond traditional tracking of steps and calories, that curates a plan based on your journey and progress, that brings personal virtual trainer right at the comfort of home.

YogiFi is a groundbreaking yoga mat powered by AI and a companion mobile app that allows users to connect with a virtual instructor, choose a personalized program, receive real-time feedback on body position, and track flexibility, strength, balance and daily progress. It was developed to make yoga accessible to students of all fitness levels, ages and abilities.

YogiFi uses AI to automatically recommend personalized wellness programs curated by certified yoga professionals. The patented technology embedded in the YogiFi mat tracks yoga postures using pressure sensors that respond to touch and gives visual and haptic feedback for posture correction. In addition to this real-time feedback, YogiFi automatically correlates vitals and breathing patterns by pairing with devices such as Apple Watch.

YogiFi App is essentially a companion app with YogiFi Mat. You can however download and explore sample Freemium sessions and practice with our computer vision based posture/form corrector technology. We notched up this experience to the next level by launching the fusion of Vision and AR/VR - bringing nature close to home by having a virtual Ambiance while you perform yoga postures or even practicing along with your favorite trainer on a beach / Himalayas.

Try the experience for free by downloading the YogiFi App. Click on the Snowga Magic on the App to have some fun while doing yoga.

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