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Accidentally Accessible

MAXPRO® Portable Gym

MAXPRO® Ultra portable, take it and use it anywhere cable home gym system. Connect to the app and track your progress. Increase the weight by turning a dial.
MAXPRO® is the world’s most versatile full-body portable cable fitness machine with smartphone connectivity and a motivating coaching app. Weighing just under 10 pounds, MAXPRO can help you accomplish all of your health and wellness goals… anywhere! MAXPRO's exclusive Powerclutch system provides up to 300 pounds (135kg) of adjustable concentric resistance with a simple turn of a dial in a beautiful, compact, and sleek design making it the right tool for any fitness level. Incredibly, Cardio, strength, circuit, HIIT (Tabata), and even suspension training are all possible with MAXPRO. It is the ultimate workout machine. MAXPRO is your home gym, reinvented.

From the innovative SlimLine Wall Track to the foldable flat bench, to the Jump Trainer Belt, the full MAXPRO ecosystem of products transforms your space into a complete home gym like nothing else but can be stored away to make space for life’s other activities.

The upgraded SmartConnect allows the onboard sensors to communicate workout detail on every rep via Bluetooth to the powerful and immersive MAXPRO Coaching App… taking you to the next level with advanced analytics and world-class curated workouts.


Now the only excuse I have for being fluffy is laziness.

I met these people in Las Vegas at CES and they graciously allowed me to roll up on it with my chair, and guess what?!?! It fit. I was able to put the front casters of my chair on the opened unit and actually use it without transferring.

I've used it on the deck, on my bed and on the floor, as its wide enough to literally sit on and and cables are short enough that you can use this from the floor or a mat for some of the exercises.

When I use it on the floor or my bed, I put a folded towel on it for padding so I don't get pressure issues and it works great.

The cable system is ideal for anyone with grip or strength issues since it's not actual weight, it's digital, so you're not trying to move heavy, bulky, possibly dangerous, weights, if you lose your grip, it will just pull back into the housing, so any worry about dropping a weight on your lap or your legs is eliminated.

The portability is another great feature, you can put it up (or set it down) anywhere. It folds and fits in a pack, I have mine in a backpack and it's light enough that it doesn't make my chair tippy.

The other great thing about the product is the support from the company itself. They have a very active training email and a full line up of videos on their youtube channel, with a wide range of exercises, and routines, including HIIT (High Intensity interval training) as well as strength training.

In terms of price - it's in the low range for what we're used to spending for adaptive equipment, with the entire system with everything they have bundled in the $1500 range.

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