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Accidentally Accessible

Lil Nipper Electric Fingernail Clippers

Innovation at your fingertips! Step into the future with our electric nail clippers & unleash the power of precision & safety with every clip. For Seniors/Adults, Children, and Toddlers/Infants.
Its ergonomic design, patented safety and precision cutting technology make it easy to maintain neatly trimmed nails at home. Lil Nipper surface is antimicrobial which safeguards you against the growth of harmful bacteria. Our innovative device takes the hassle out of nail trimming, offering a safe, easy-to-use, and mess-free solution for the entire family. Additional features include: Bright LED indicator light shines over the nail slot to aid in clipping nails and provides battery and charging status, medical-grade stainless steel safety plate and blade (no sharpening is required), one quick charge will last you for months, small & compact so it is perfect for on the go, soft grip sides for better control and lifetime guarantee.

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