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BAZWNG - Button And Zip With No Grip
$7.99 for 1 or $13.99 for 2

BAZWNG is a button and zipping dressing aid for pants designed by me (a quadriplegic) for people with little or no grip or even one handed such as amputees or stroke victims or even severe arthritis.


Obi is a revolutionary dining device for individuals who lack upper extremity function.


ReliefHeat provides portable, on-demand heat for low-back pain.


Alpha-Stim is a handheld, non-drug, prescription medical device that is FDA cleared to treat anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain. It’s easy to use while doing normal activities at home or work, has no lasting side effects and no risk of addiction.

Oticon Opn S

Oticon Opn S is the newest product in Oticon’s most advanced line of internet-connected hearing aids. It’s designed to give individuals with hearing loss a more convenient and individualized hearing experience.

FinalStraw 2.0

FinalStraw is the world’s first collapsible, reusable straw. Made of stainless steel and food grade silicone, it fits in a sleek keychain-sized carrying case and comes with a telescoping cleaning brush.

Straw Brush

Straw Cleaning Brush

Mizu Tumbler

16 oz Insulated Tumbler & Sip Through Lid Compatible with Mizu Straws.

Silicone Straw 4 Pack

4 pack set of silicone straws. Separates into two pieces for easy cleaning with the included Mizu Straw Brush.

Silicone Straw

Two Piece Stainless & Silicone Straw


On-The-Go Made Easy! Dare-U-Go! is a 5-in-1 solution that simplifies feeding your little ones on-the-go.

GoSili Reusable Extra Wide Silicone Straws

These extra wide straws are perfect for smoothie drinks and bubble or boba tea. They come in a pack of 3 with 3 different colors. Dishwasher safe , easy to use and keep clean.

GoSili Reusable Extra Long Silicone Straws

The Siliskin® Reusable Straws are 100% silicone, nontoxic, flexible and safe for teeth.

GoSili Reusable Silicone Straws

Reusable Silicone Straws - Pack of 6

Clipperpro Omega Select Nail Clipper

The CLIPPERPRO Nail Clipper was designed by orthopedic surgeons in an effort to improve the basic nail clipper and to help provide a solution for people that suffer with arthritis.

Brilliant Super Soft Toothbrush

The Brilliant Super Soft Toothbrush was created especially for patients experiencing oral sensitivity. Dental Advisor's Manual Toothbrush of the Year 2018-2019.

ClipDifferent Pro

The ClipDifferent Pro is a patent-pending assistive device that safely and easily trims fingernails for people of all abilities. The safe fingernail slot prevents skin from coming into contact with the trimming mechanism.

Quell 2.0

Quell is a 100% drug free system that uses prescription strength nerve-stimulation technology to block chronic pain. Quell’s powerful and patented neurotechnology is FDA cleared for use during the day while active and at night while sleeping.

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The ChiliPad is a personalized sleep system with cooling and heating temperature controls ranging from 55°- 110° F (13°- 43° C). This state-of-the-art system regulates the surface temperature of one or two sides of the bed with degree-by-degree optimization.

DFree Wearable for Urinary Incontinence
$499.99 Purchase / $40 Rental

DFree® is the first wearable device to predict when you need to go the bathroom. Designed primarily for seniors and people with disability who suffer from loss of bladder control, it continuously monitors your bladder and sends timely notifications to your phone when it’s time to go.

RxPense Medication Dispenser
$150 monthly

RxPense® is the best pill dispenser for those who need to manage 5+ medications per dose, patients with chronic disease, disabled veterans and anyone trying to cope with complex medication regimens.


TouchPoints are twin neuroscientific wearables that use gentle, alternating micro-vibrations to alleviate stress in as few as 30 seconds. As a result, they also improve sleep and focus.


The NeoMano is a wearable robotic glove that enables people who are disabled from a stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, or ALS (Lou Gehrig disease) to perform daily tasks they otherwise couldn’t do on their own.

Oticon Kaizn™

Oticon Kaizn™, the world's first personal AI assistant for your ears, is an AI-powered tool that brings to fruition the promise of personalized, human-driven hearing health care for hundreds of thousands of hearing aid wearers worldwide.