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Gear Beast Universal Smartphone Lanyards

Gear Beast products include phone stands, grips, cases, wallets, and a variety of fitness accessories for running, biking, and trips to the gym.
Gear Beast's Universal Smartphone Lanyards are fun, easy to use, and super helpful. Whether you’re at a concert, hiking, or simply running errands, the smartphone lanyards keep you hands free. Never drop or lose your phone again.


We got some to try at CES and they are as easy to use as you'd expect.

If you've ever lost your phone, or dropped it trying to grab it from your backpack or it fell off your lap while transferring because you forgot you had it between your legs (yes, these are all scenarios that have happened to me), you'll LOVE the universal lanyard phone holder.

Just put the very soft rubber frame around your phone and hang it around your neck on the quick release safety lanyard.

It's long enough to be out of the way, but not so long that it gets tangled up, and it keeps your phone right in front, where you can grab it quickly, and not worry if it slips.

And for under $15, it's s steal.

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