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Duck Max Reusable Tie Straps

Reusable, adjustable and flexible, these tie straps can be used over and over again for strapping, securing, bundling and organizing projects.
Strap, secure, bundle and organize with Duck Max Strength™ Reusable Tie Straps. These reusable tie straps are engineered with a durable rubber polymer that can withstand exposure to a wide range of chemicals and extreme temperatures. Featuring an innovative double loop for secure tethering, Duck® Max™ Tie Straps are also adjustable and come in multiple sizes for tasks big and small. Great for home organization, outdoor and DIY projects like securing hoses, electrical cords, tubing and so much more.


I have a selection of sizes of these magical zip ties. I use them everywhere, attaching things to my chair, wrapping wires and cables, they hold the foam on my pool ladder steps. The large ones are very strong. They'll easily hold a pair of collapsible crutches together, or a cane, so you can carry them with you, even when you're not using them. The price is unbeatable. And they last, I've been using the same ones, regularly, for 3 years. Well worth it. When I first got samples, they were from the original manufacturer. They are now from the well known brand Duck Tape - so that says something about the quality as well.

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