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BheemSense is the ONLY sensor mat which tracks movement, as well as heart and breath rates over your whole bed. Whether you're using it to get better sleep, or keeping loved ones safe, you'll love it
We use state of the art, patented technology, and proprietary algorithms to create a heat map of your body. We then use ballistography, and other techniques, to monitor heart and breath rates within 1 unit of gold standards, which you can track, in real time, or view over time on a dashboard.

This is trusted by nursing homes, has been trialled under users for years, and is being validated against gold standard sleep labs. We are also validating algorithms that may help detect falls and pressure sores with leading nursing homes and researchers. Though it is not able to do this yet - in the future, a software update may make this possible!

It not only gives you peace of mind, knowing how your loved ones are, but also tracks sleep, to accuracy never seen before, and will do things like wake users only in light sleep, so you wake up refreshed, and ready to start the day.

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