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The ChiliPad is a personalized sleep system with cooling and heating temperature controls ranging from 55°- 110° F (13°- 43° C).

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The ChiliPad is a patent-pending, water-based sleep system comprised of a thermoregulating control cube, a remote and an imperceptibly thin mattress topper. The state-of-the-art technology circulates water from the cube to throughout microtubing within the mattress topper. It utilizes water because it is not only natural, but it is also 25 times more thermally efficient than air — making the ChiliPad the only product that consistently manages your sleep micro-climate better than fans, cooling gels or foams.

Additionally, this 100 percent natural sleep optimization system is backed by 10+ years of research and development, it’s on over 50,000 beds and it has over 800 five-star reviews. It eliminates the need for sleep drugs and is much safer than electric blankets’ EMFs, which cause cancer.

The mattress pad comes in a Single Zone which cools or warms the bedding surface for one person as well as a Dual Zone which can regulate temperature for two individuals. The Dual Zone has two temperature zones with two cubes, so that each side can have custom sleep temperatures.

The ChiliPad has unparalleled temperature range, consistency, and deep sleep recovery index, as well as the ability to as much as double deep sleep!

The benefits of finding your optimal sleep temperature with the ChiliPad, which research suggests is 67o Fahrenheit for most people, include:

Falling asleep 98.98% faster,
Getting better quality sleep,
Increasing metabolism by 10 percent,
Improving muscle recovery by as much as 30 percent
Enhancing performance by anywhere from 5-30 percent
Increasing melatonin production which provides enhanced mood, weight loss, cancer-fighting properties, increased brain health and anti-aging

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