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GoGroove BlueSYNC TYM+

A modern Bluetooth wireless speaker and alarm clock, equipped with a bright LED display. Encased in genuine wood, the TYM+ will serve as your favorite electronic accessory while enhancing your decor.

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The TYM+ dual alarm setting allows you to set two alarms that are shown on the large digital display so you can easily see what alarms you have the next morning

Connect using wireless bluetooth pairing and 3.5mm AUX input to play music via your phone, tablet, mp3 player, computer, and more

Built ins include USB ports at 2.1A and 1A to charge phones, tablets, and more directly from the clock and a microphone to take calls and activate voice assistants (Google, Siri, Cortana)

The INCLUDED 3V backup battery keeps your alarms and current time in memory in case of a power outtage or if you just want to move the clock to another room.

The two 40mm full range side firing drivers with a passive subwoofer offer a deep and full range sound.

All GOgroove products are backed by a 3 Year Warranty


I got this beautiful clock from GoGroove. It's the lighter colored one. It's packed with features including charging ports and bluetooth connectivity so you can use it as a speaker as well as listen to music, controlled from your phone.

The design itself is flat and smooth, with everything other than the speakers flush with the surfaces. The bright, large display shows through the wood, and is a pleasant orange color, without being glaring or harsh. During the day, it appears slightly muted, but at night it's very bright. The lack of a glass glossy front and no inset makes it easy to see even from an extreme angle.

The controls are also fully inset into the case, along the top and are slightly lit so they're not completely hidden. Just tap the icon for the feature you want to use. A gentle press and hold does the rest.

If you're one of those people who sleep through alarms, you don't need to worry about that, since the speaker is LOUD. When I first turned it on, the volume was up high and it was.. impressive. Seriously, the speaker produces a very strong and clear sound, far louder and richer than I expected, without distortion. I didn't turn the volume all the way up, as the lower settings were high enough to get a good feel for the quality.

On another important note about the sound - there is none when no alarms or music are turned on. No humming, no vibration, none of the annoying electronic buzzing that you can feel. It's completely and totally silent.

Bluetooth pairing was as simple as you'd expect. Press the icon and pair it on your device.

It's useful, attractive and affordable at under $50.

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