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Wearables. Not Just For Show.

Remember when digital watches came out? Everyone had one, replacing that old school dial.
Such a step up from just telling the time, even if it did have a day dial. Some even had a calculator. And they all had a little backlit screen to show off that digital info.

Now if you wear something on your wrist that just tells time, you're out of touch, because wearables are a LOT more advanced now and the tech is spectacularly helpful for people with different needs.

In the medical sphere, they're monitoring everything from your heart rate to your glucose levels, whether or not you have to pee, body temperature, even whether or not you've fallen. New hearing aids that don't look or act like the old style ones, with bluetooth and other features. The list goes on.

In general terms, you can take and make calls, track your location, see how many steps you've taken or how many times you've pushed your wheelchair, yes there's a wheelchair motion monitor, operate your camera.. you name it, you can do it from a wearable.

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