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The Next Generation Virtual Assistant

Meet Addison, your friendly and helpful virtual assistant.
Addison is officially described as a next generation Virtual Assistant, bringing chronic care, rehabilitation, mental health support, caregiver support, and support for daily living together in a manner unlike anything you've ever seen.

I first "met" Addison at the Consumer Electronics Show 2 years ago, where I got the full tour from CEO of Electronic Caregiver, Anthony Dohrmann.

From a disability and independent living perspective, it's a life changer. I could immediately see this as an available, affordable answer to so many people's real concerns and the never ending lists of "what if's" about living independently.

Addison can monitor just about everything relating to your medications, your schedule, your vital statistics and your general well-being using a connected series of tablets placed around the home that responds to questions as well as activating emergency response when a fall is registered or other emergency is noted.

The service has 2 levels, Premier and Pro Health with pricing varying based on level of service and number of additional monitoring devices attached to the system.

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