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Accidentally Accessible

Seat Rack Interior Cargo Rack

Every skier, snowboarder, do-it-yourselfer, paddler and anyone else with things to do needs an interior cargo rack.
It couldn't be simpler to use.

Pull out your headrests on the passenger side and replace them with the racks.

Load your items, strap them down and off you go.

For Sioeye or GoPro camera users, the camera mount lets you secure your camera to the front seat head rest using the standard camera mounting brackets.


No truck? No problem.

Use the passenger side of your car as a rack. A seat rack. It's easy, fast and VERY beefy, you're not going to lose your skis, or board or whatever. It took me about 10 minutes to install it, just popped off the head rests and put the racks in, just like the description.

I used it in my explorer, which does have racks but I can't reach them, and these made carrying things really convenient.

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