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Invoxia Smart Dog Collar

Groundbreaking wearable tech monitors your precious pup's respiratory and heart vitals, detects anomalies and let’s you know where they are - all the time!
Using cutting edge sensors, accurate accelerometers and embedded deep neural network capabilities, it can monitor a dog’s respiratory and heart vitals, detect anomalies in a dog’s behavior and alert owners and vets to potential health issues in a beloved pet, all while keeping track of the canine’s whereabouts. Expected to hit the market in Summer 2022, the Smart Dog Collar will be a game changer for pet owners. The combination of activity and vital sign monitoring gives a powerful 360° view of canine health that was previously unattainable.

Developed alongside veterinary specialists, Invoxia’s groundbreaking biometric Smart Collar boasts technology that can spot problems in a dog’s health before any visible signs surface and alert the owner in advance, increasing the chances of timely treatment and recovery.

While detecting anomalies can be helpful, unless it’s possible to attribute meaning to the data, efforts to truly diagnose potential signs of trouble may be hindered. Invoxia’s AI technology solves that problem by taking advantage of its deep AI capabilities to decode the signs that the collar is monitoring. This makes it possible to identify and analyze anomalies to bring about early disease detection before any signs of concern surface.

The Invoxia Smart Collar features groundbreaking miniaturized radar sensors, coupled with Deep Neural Networks. Through this ‘patent pending’ technology, Invoxia is able to measure respiratory and heart rate seamlessly and in a non-invasive manner that would otherwise be impossible without uncomfortable electrodes. Intelligently combining Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and LTE-M for connectivity, and having an exceptional battery life, the new Smart Dog Collar enables dog owners to locate their precious pooch in real time if it runs away, becomes lost or stolen.

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