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Hurtta Free Hand Leash

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The Hurtta Free Hand Leash is designed to help you keep a more comfortable hold on your dog.
The hand sleeve fits securely over your open palm, leaving your hand free to relax or do other tasks without needing to maintain grip on the leash. Sturdy and reliable with a short elastic section to reduce shock, the Free Hand is adjustable from 3-5 feet.


This is a great leash for wheelchair users and anyone else who needs to use their hand for another purpose while walking their dog.

The soft, fabric slide on handle goes over your hand keeping your fingers and thumb free, and makes it easy to push your chair without dropping the leash or having to hold it between your legs or wrap it around your frame.

They have a bright reflective strip down the length and come in multiple sizes for different weights, 3 foot and 5 foot lengths and a variety of colors.

If your dog pulls and you need your hand for balance, this might not be the best choice for you, as it's around your hand and thumb, so it takes a bit longer to get it off, so that might be something to consider. For service dogs and pets who walk politely, these are perfect.

At under $40 they're a really good buy.

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