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Accidentally Accessible

Tailgater Tire Table

The steel, powder coated, tire mounted table is level, stable, VERY accessible. and weighs less than 13 pounds.
The Tailgater Tire Table attaches over the tire of your vehicle with side stabilizer legs that extend to the tire to provide support on the sides.

The legs don't touch the ground, so your table always stays level, and due to that support structure, a wheelchair user can access the table without being blocked and without knocking anything over.


I saw this at Outdoor Retailer and knew right away that I had to talk with them. It's hard enough to find a level stable spot to set up a camp table. Add in wheelchairs and you were essentially limited to parking lots or pavement. Not any more.

We tested this table at a weekend long event with 5 handcycles and 8 wheelchairs, we loaded it fully with food and drinks, and it didn't budge. People were able to get right up to the table without hitting any legs or knocking anything over.

This is a MUST HAVE product for anyone who likes to car camp or tailgate.

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