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Cupixel Sketch

Cupixel harnesses the power of Augmented Reality (AR) to enable ANYONE to create stunning, precise, and personalized works of art. Anyone can create wall-worthy artwork.

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The experience begins with the Cupixel Art Box. The Box contains EVERYTHING needed to create masterful works of art.

Users simply download the free Cupixel App, which will serve as their personal Artist Assistant. Every task demonstrated is clear, and guidance is provided every step of the way.

The creative journey continues with the selection of an image. Users can choose photos from their mobile photo albums, or select an image from the fully-licensed Cupixel Gallery of classical and contemporary artists. The options are limitless.

Next, users get to use Cupixel’s specially developed art tools and AR-directed technology. AR integrates with the user’s mobile device to provide a hands-on experience that is both creative and rewarding. This experience empowers users to paint with incredible accuracy – regardless of talent and art knowledge.

Once complete, users can assemble their artwork within the Cupixel frame, allowing them to display their creation with pride.

Elad Katav, Cupixel CEO and founder, says, “As they age, 97% of adults lose their intrinsic drive to create art. Some are hesitant even to try. We found a solution that enables anyone, regardless of previous art experience or talent, to experience art creation. Our users get an opportunity to channel their inner-artist and experience the joy in creating and accomplishing stunning art.”

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