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In these uncertain times, it has been important for us as an organization to find new ways to effectively engage our community, as individuals with disabilities disproportionately experience isolation, which has only been exacerbated over the last few months. In keeping with our belief that music is an essential part of life, we launched the DMF Virtual Community on May 15, 2020. A place where individuals of all abilities can connect, engage and celebrate the joy of music together. It is broken out into three areas:

DMF On-Demand is a resource for fun, interactive, recreational music & movement activities and more. Pre-recorded content is available for users to enjoy at their own pace and on their own schedule. Musicians can check back regularly for new content or come back anytime to replay past videos.

Virtual Live Events are a way to keep everyone connected through music, regardless of where they are or what’s happening in the world. We offer a variety of events, for all ages and abilities including dance parties, open mic night and concerts to name a few. Events are added on a regular-basis and posted on the community website for people to watch in case they missed one or want to replay it again.

Virtual lessons, small group classes and virtual field trips provide an opportunity for more individuals to experience the joy of music, in the comfort of their own homes at an affordable price. We currently have over 60 virtual lesson participants taking guitar, keyboard, drumming, ukulele, voice, and songwriting among other options.

We are continually developing a variety of content options to help create a robust destination where individuals with disabilities can visit and participate regularly to connect.

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