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Capsulier CAPSI

Reusable & refillable coffee pod/ coffee capsule

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STAINLESS STEEL DESIGN - Durable and refillable design of CAPSI, you can use it many many times without damage except physical damaged or mis-use.

MESH FILTER - Stainless steel design, you can repeat to use it many many times. You can make a good coffee when using mesh filter with fine grind or super fine grind ground coffee.

SIMPLE TO CLEAN - You just use the drain water to put it into the dishwashing machine to clean CAPSI. You should disassemble all those 3 parts before cleaning, i.e. lid, cup, and mesh filter.

COMPATIBLE TO CAPSULIER LITE - Capsulier LITE is a coffee capsule packaging machine. It allows you to control the volume, density, and pressure of ground coffee inside the CAPSI. You can make the same capsule consistently.

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