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Accidentally Accessible

BlendJet 2

BlendJet portable blender is a viral sensation. Its USB-chargeable, self-cleaning and perfect for making smoothies at home, work, or on the go!
The BlendJet portable blender is perfect for making smoothies at home, work, or on the go! It's USB-rechargeable and even cleans itself.

BlendJet 2 packs game-changing power thanks to BlendJet's patented TurboJet technology. This new blending technology leverages offset stainless steel blades to create a tornado effect that blasts ingredients into the back of the jar 275 times per second, resulting in dramatically faster and better blending.

BlendJet 2 makes smoothie-bar-quality beverages, silky-smooth protein shakes, top-shelf mixed drinks and creamy frozen lattes, plus milkshakes, slushies, baby food, dips, dressings, sauces and so much more. With a double-press of the power button, BlendJet 2 transforms into a powerful food processor that pulverizes veggies, fruits, nuts and more. Tasty guacamole, pesto, salsa and hummus can be made in mere seconds. BlendJet 2 is equipped with a waterproof USB-C port and delivers 15+ blends per charge. At 16 oz, the jar holds 33% more than the original BlendJet and has measurement markings to ensure ingredients are perfectly portioned.

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