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Automatic Retractable Umbrella

Battery-powered, Solar-charged, REMOTE-CONTROLLED Retractable Patio Umbrellas

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Our umbrella operates in sun and overcast conditions. The umbrella opens and closes from inside a building (imagine it pouring and you don’t want to get wet)! Our fabric is fade resistant and the frame is rust-resistant, really we built these umbrellas to last.

Our umbrella is fabulous for many situations:

For the physically impaired – just by the press of a button the elderly or physically impaired can open and close the umbrella. No longer will they struggle to hand crank a regular umbrella.

Large-area outdoor seating - having several opening and closing at the press of a button saves you time!

Our umbrellas offer very attractive features. First our umbrellas are battery powered, no wires no mess. Second, they are recharged by the sun. Third, the ease of use. Our umbrellas open and close at the press of a button, how easy it that?! Fourth, they are built to last.

We could go on and on about how great our umbrellas are but instead we want you to try it for yourself!

The Auto-Brella comes in 5 stock colors, but we are able to create your custom color and as an added bonus, we can imprint your logo! Our stock size is 8’ but we can also make them in 6’ and 10’ sizes.

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