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Fourpoints Bar

Real Food Slow-Burn Energy Bars - powered by prunes and designed to keep you going stronger longer without the sugar spike and crash. 6 unique flavors

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Tired of sugar crashes derailing your performance? Featured in the 2017 Backpacker Gear Guide for "Slow Burn Energy," Colorado-based Fourpoints® crafts it's real food energy bars around a unique base of plums and figs with a low to moderate glycemic load for long sustained energy.

At 230 to 280 calories, each 2.5 ounce bar is rich in heart healthy fats, high in fiber, and offer 10 plus grams of protein. The best part may be that they DON'T FREEZE in cold conditions, so pull one out of your pocket on a powder day knowing you have the energy to keep going! 6 unique flavors

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