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NXT LVL Hydrogen Water

HRW (Hydrogen Rich Water) is the next generation in performance hydration for everyone from athletes to seniors looking to achieve optimal health, performance and overall wellness.
NXT LVL Hydrogen rich water with COPPER + GOLD + PLATINUM + ZINC

Colloidal COPPER helps treat metal deficiencies within the body, along with helping to boost the performance of the immune system.

Colloidal GOLD acts as a natural stimulant for our cells, and help improve the transmission of electrical signals between the nerve cells in the brain.

Colloidal PLATINUM : Many experience greater mental clarity and clairvoyance when taking platinum.* Increased mental faculties can dramatically change your quality of life.

Colloidal ZINC : Supports healthy prostate functions and male hormone activity. Zinc maintains the body's alkaline balance and helps in normal tissue function.


I chilled a 6 pack (since I normally drink ice water), and then followed the instructions to drink it within 15 minutes, from the can, which I normally don't do because I don't like the taste or smell of metal containers.

I didn't need to worry. The can did not impart any flavor to the water, nor was there any metallic or other odors. In terms of taste, the flavor was very clean, like you'd expect from a spring. I have a well, so my water is not chemically treated and the NXT LVL water tasted better than mine, which is great so..

It was also very crisp, not thick or heavy, had no metallic or any other aftertaste and when I finished it, I felt energized. Not jittery or jumpy, or medicated in any way, just oddly (nicely) and noticeably refreshed.

As it's marketed as a recovery product, I'm really excited to see how I feel after working out.

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