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Accidentally Accessible

Caseta Wireless Plugin lamp dimmer

Adjust your lights with a remote control.
Caséta is the ultimate in compatibility. It doesn’t require a neutral wire, which allows it to be used in both new and older homes. And because it is tested and recommended on over 1,000 bulbs and works with dimmable LEDs, incandescent, and halogen bulbs, there’s no need to purchase special bulbs.


How easy was it to change my yesteryear old school click a switch lamp to wireless?

I plugged it in.. Ok well, not really. I unplugged the lamp, plugged the lamp into the controller, and then plugged the controller into the outlet. Less than 10 seconds from start to finish. Then another 12 seconds to pair the remote. It was that quick and painless.

Besides the fact that I can go to bed or get out of my chair and still control the lights, what I like about it is the controller and remote are tiny, easily small enough to take with you traveling, or a dorm room or anywhere else that has a plug in lamp.

And I like the price, around $50 and you can get them at major retailers.

It's also modular, so if you want to control more lights, or use the app to access additional options, just add the Bridge.

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