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Accidentally Accessible


The OZMO 960 is the first real AI-powered floor cleaning robot which can visually recognize objects to intelligently optimize its cleaning path and effectively clean the home.
AIVI Technology (Artificial Intelligence and Visual Interpretation) enables the DEEBOT to learn from its daily cleaning tasks and recognize selected household items that typically obstruct the path of conventional floor cleaning robots (cables, shoes, slippers, dustbins, door sills, socks etc.) through a built-in camera to avoid obstacles while cleaning. With ECOVACS AIVI, there is no need for users to remove all objects from the floor before using their robot.

Smart Navi 3.0 uses laser mapping technology to map the home and program the most effective cleaning path for the robot. Users can select areas to be cleaned and/or create virtual boundaries right from the from their ECOVACS Home app. They can also schedule cleanings and check how the last one was completed from a visual map on their smartphone.

OZMO Technology
DEEBOT OZMO 960 is equipped with OZMO, our mopping technology. Yes, vacuuming and mopping in one single robot! During the mopping process, DEEBOT will avoid carpets and mop other areas with its carpet detection technology.

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