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Accidentally Accessible

Go Puck Wearable Power

Never run out of power on your phone, camera, mp3 player, tablet or other chargeable device again.

Charging is done with the micro port with the very beefy usb charger cable which is included. The same cable is used to charge your devices. Just plug them in. A fully charged Go Puck 3x will charge a small smartphone twice. The larger Go Puck 5x will charge a small phone around 5 times.

If you don't care for the classic white, choose from one of the skins to make it truly your own..

I keep mine charged and carry it in my purse. The mount is very convenient to attach your camera (in it's case) to the top of the Go Puck to keep the charger near by and attached.

For added convenience you can get the zippered carry bag for $19.99. The carrying case is zippered and has a clip to attach to a lanyard or hook.

You can also order individual action mounts. A second mount allows you to mount the Go Puck to both your camera and a tripod or other camera mount that uses a threaded pin. They are $19.99 as well.


The uber-friendly people at Go Puck hooked me up with a fully charged unit in Denver, along with the action mount and carry bag. I was fully charged on my phone and tablet but had a new found feeling of freedom showing videos and doing other activities I knew were battery killers. I bring this with me to trade shows and other events where I know I'm going to need a lot of power but not necessarily have time to stop and charge or access to an outlet.

In the years that I've had this, it has become my MUST HAVE in my bag. I keep it charged and in my purse while wandering, and in the little carry bag around my neck at all times when I'm at trade shows or media events. I've even shared power with strangers in lobbies and on planes. One of my all time favorite items.

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