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the CORE kit

Caregiver Smart Solutions, The Best Way to Monitor Loved Ones As they Age In Place.
The Aging in Place Core Kit uses smart sensor technology, the power of Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, to ease the burden on caregivers around the world. Tiny, non-intrusive sensors track the habits, movement, and patterns to provide family members with reassurance that things are as they should be, all without the use of invasive video cameras or wearable tracking devices.

Designed as a DIY self-installation, smart sensors are placed around the home and monitor habits to understand patterns. They feed this data to a customizable app that reports critical information including when the person wakes, how often they are eating, taking medicine, and visiting the bathroom, along with movement throughout the home.

The app provides real-time insights for the early detection of problems as well as changes in patterns. Alerts can be personalized per user, so multiple family members can obtain different insights.

The Core Kit includes 13 Sensors: movement sensors in 5 rooms, medicine cabinet, refrigerator, temperature, and humidity sensors , front and side door sensors, 3 emergency buttons

The kit sells for $597 with a $59 per month subscription.

In addition to the Core Kit, add-on kits are available for the basement, garage, and stairs..

Basement Kit – Retail price of $294 and monthly subscription fee of $12 includes 6 sensors: 1 door, 4 movement, 1 emergency button

Garage Kit – Retail price of $147 and monthly subscription fee of $6 comes with 3 Sensors: 1 movement, 2 door

Stair Kit - Retail price of $147 and monthly subscription fee of $4 comes with 2 movement sensors

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