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Accidentally Accessible

R.T. EDGE Gyro

The Resistance Trainer EDGE Edition is our advanced level model gyro, ideal for anyone looking to obtain a great arm workout!
It’s perfect for rehab, strengthening, toning, and exercise. The R.T. EDGE is able to replace up to 45lbs of resistance, with self-lit color changing LEDs. Getting this gyro to change into the last color, is a challenge that you and your friends will enjoy. Start enjoying the benefits of gyroscopic fitness fun today!


This is so much fun to use. It comes with a string to help you get it started, and once you do get it going, it's addictive. The gyro ball inside spins and colored lights show you how fast you're spinning it. You don't feel like you're working out, and everyone wants to try it. And the best part? It works.

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