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SPLASHPAD® Kitchen Sink Splash Guard

Keeping your kitchen countertop clean and dry is a cinch with our sink splash guard.

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Save time and make life easier with SPLASHPAD's Kitchen Sink Splash Guard. Give your sweet baby a sink bath, wash dishes, clean fruits and veggies, or whatever the sink activity may be and not worry about spending time and energy wiping down your countertop. When finished washing, use the coordinating drying mat to dry dishes, food, bottles, or toddler items.

SPLASHPAD mats have a soft, absorbent microfiber top layer that instantly soaks up moisture. Unlike a towel or common drying mat, the bottom layer has a gentle rubber grip that prevents the mats from moving ensuring maximum protection. Keep your mats on the countertop for days at a time, toss in the wash as needed, and reuse. Easy!

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