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Accidentally Accessible


How the Gaming Industry is Leveling the Field

New technology is literally changing the game for disabled players.
Game tech companies are known to be on the cutting edge of programming with millions poured into development, and even more in marketing and promotion. The only goal - to get people playing. There are trade shows, digital and real world tournaments, you can even get a job playing games. For money.

And of course, with the popularity (there are hundreds of MILLIONS of people playing a game at any one time), new gear to play with is as advanced as the games themselves and those technological innovations are opening them gaming world to disabled people in many ways.

When the 3D Rudder was introduced, it was innovative and added a new dimension to the gaming world. As the only foot operated game controller, it allowed for people to free their hands for other tools. One of the unintended benefits was that it also enabled many disabled people with limited or non-existent hand and arm mobility to join in on the fun.

Not to be left behind, X-Box launched the Adaptive Controller and told everyone about it during the Superbowl with a fabulous commercial, Logitech promoted the Extreme 3D controller and Quadstick debuted their 3 models of controllers for quadriplegics.

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