Travel & Adventure

Mimic GO

World’s first on the go device that allows you to secure your areas and valuables anywhere, anytime with one click.

WheelAble Travel Shower

Travel has never been this accessible

Potty Pack

This travel toilet pack has everything but the toilet.

ExtremeMist Just Add Water Pack

ExtremeMist 2-in-1 Hydration Misting & Drinking system. The pump produces a fine mist, cooling the air around you up to 30 degrees.

GoSili Extra Long Reusable Silicone Straw with Travel Case

This reusable eco-friendly extra long silicone straw comes with a travel case and is the perfect solution when on the go. Comes in 4 colors

GoSili Reusable Silicone Straws with Travel Case

This reusable eco-friendly silicone straw comes with a travel case and is the perfect solution when on the go. Never be without your straw again!

Ovis Suitcase by ForwardX Robotics

Ovis is the first AI-powered, side-following suitcase developed by ForwardX Robotics.

ExtremeMist PCS Retrofit Kit

The ExtremeMist™ PCS (Personal Cooling System) provides a continuous fine mist in front of you, creating a cooling cloud with reduced temperature up to 30°F.

GTech Antimicrobial Spray

GTech Sport spray is fast drying, skin friendly, one step protection and deodorizer inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.


ADAPTS is a portable and affordable transfer sling designed by a flight attendant. Used for transfers or emergencies, the award-winning product goes where you go when your wheelchair can't!

CabinR Electronic Anti-theft Backpack
$198 USD

Whether on an airplane, bus or subway, CabinR's first-of-its-kind anti-theft sensors will keep your belongings safe from prying hands.

Fat Strap Stash

Replace your existing straps with this wide, comfortable and secure stash strap.

Survival Medical First Aid Kits
From $9.99

Prepackaged first aid and survival kits based on activity and environment.