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Typewise Keyboard

Typewise decodes human thoughts to make daily life easier. Our next-gen smartphone keyboard app (CES 2021 Award Honoree) reduces typos by 4X and protects privacy 100%. Over 500,000 downloads.
Typewise Keyboard, has already convinced over 500,000 users to switch from the conventional smartphone keyboard (which in fact was developed in the 19th century for typewriters, it's about time for an upgrade). Typewise is designed for two-thumb typing on smartphones, and our patented hexagon layout results in 4X fewer typos. Our text prediction AI, jointly developed with ETH Zurich's Data Analytics Lab, already supports more than 40 languages and enables users to type in multiple languages simultaneously without switching keyboards. Moreover, Typewise protects user privacy 100 percent, all typing data stays on the device. Over 500,000 downloads and recipient of CES 2021 Award Honoree.

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