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Ovie Smarterware

Smarterware is smart food storage that helps you waste less food and save money. We make it easy to track, remember, and enjoy your food!

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Ovie, a Chicago based food tech startup, is launching a set of products to help change the way we save food.

Ovie introduced Smarterware earlier this year which is a container, a bag clip, and a strap each fitted with a smart tag for tracking your saved food. Ovie, your fridge’s new smart assistant, will work with Alexa and other smart home hubs, and will remind you about your food before it goes bad, give you tips on how to eat it, and even help you shop for missing ingredients to complete a recipe.

Ovie makes your fridge a smarter fridge, but without the smart fridge price tag. This simple system makes it easy to track, remember, and enjoy your food.

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