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EyeTemp® reminds you when appliances or candles are left on! The WiFi device is designed to monitor temperature and time on any appliance.

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Product Description:
EyeTemp reminds you when appliances or candles are left on! EyeTemp is a WiFi active device designed to monitor temperature and time on any appliance. The EyeTemp is paired with a mobile app and placed on an appliance. Temperature ranges and times are preset so there is no user input required.

Alerts and notifications are automatically sent if you leave it on too long or if a dangerous situation persists.

Set up emergency contacts to receive alerts if original user does not answer.

The mobile app is a one time set up and is so easy to follow that even a “non tech-savvy” user can do it.

Never forget again to shut off an appliance or leave it unattended. Examples of what you can put an Eyetemp on include but are not limited too: Oven Cooktop Candle Coffeemaker Crockpot Electrical heater Waffle maker Toaster oven Steamer Crockpot Christmas tree Dishwasher Iron Hair Iron (straighter)

Features: Includes 2 Eyetemps , 1 USB cable and Adhesives Assembly free 1.875”L x1”W x .5” H for each Eyetemp Free mobile app Rechargeable battery through USB port (charge every 2-6 month depending on usage).

You only have to turn the Eyetemp on once when you get it out of the box and it constantly monitors temperature from that point forward so no need to turn it on or off. Receive notifications anywhere in the world through a WiFi design.

Note: This is not intended to replace any fire safety products. EyeTemp should be used in addition to existing recommended fire safety products. The app will instruct you on where to carefully place the device on each appliance.

Provide the gift of safety to yourself or your loved ones. Does not work with Nest or Alexa works independently of these systems.

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