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CleanMotion self-disinfecting door handle

It is the 1st self-disinfecting door handle with a 99.9% efficiency. After being touched, a ring containing an alcohol based lotion swipes the surface, disinfecting the whole prehensive area.

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Overall principle: A disinfecting ring located on the handle contains a small disposable sponge. Disinfectant from the reservoir located above the handle is irrigated to the sponge with a small pump. After the user releases the handle, the disinfecting ring swipes the surface back and forth and spreads a thin film of disinfectant on the surface killing bacteria and viruses with a proven efficency above 99.9% (tests done on the most commonly found thread bacterias).

A harmless & smart system: The ring is coupled to the inside mechanism with a smart system of magnets. This allows to never get harmed when touching the door handle when the ring slides and also makes it robust against vandalism. A green light flashes once the disinfection cycle is finished so the user knows touching the door handle is safe.

Quality: The door handle is in stainless steel and has undergone heavy testing. The design is 100% Swiss and the production is made in Europe.

Maintenance: The handle's reservoir can be refilled with disinfectant in seconds using a refilling bottle injecting disinfectant through the refill hole above the casing. The device is battery powered with 4 AA batteries that can last for several months. The sponge can also easily be changed with a specific maintenance tool.

Installation: It can be retrofitted on the vast majority of doors with lever door handles and can obviously also be installed on new doors. Installation takes a few minutes.

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