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GTech Antimicrobial Spray

GTech Antimicrobial Spray

GTech Sport spray is fast drying, skin friendly, one step protection and deodorizer inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

MSRP $9.95
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Product Description:
GTech has been clinically engineered to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors caused by sweat, bacteria, soil and mildew. GTech helps prevent acne and skin rashes and restores, protects and maintains sports gear, apparel and all footwear.

Product Review:

I love this product. I carry a small spray bottle and a packet of wipes with me in my purse. I use the wipes as holders on the grab bars on airport trains and shuttles, since I'm at child level and we all know how clean children's hands are.

What I love about it - first it's a great odor remover. My dog has a problem with.. how should I say this nicely.. leakage from his anal glands, and it's THE MOST DISGUSTING SMELL. I sprayed the carpet where the accidental expulsion occurred and the smell disappeared in about a minute. I was SO happy.

It's also very mild on your skin, so if you struggle with dry skin from using other anti microbial or anti bacterial hand sanitizer, you're going to love this as well, as it does the same job as those other very drying, alcohol based products, without the skin irritation.

I use it on my push rims as well, both to clean them and to give an added layer of protection to stop any little bugs from growing.

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