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Barkeater Goggles

Blitzgear Goggles set with 4 lenses and hard carry case.

MSRP $199.95
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Product Description:
ZeeGoggles™ ski & snowboard goggles have industry-leading optics and the latest anti-fog technologies. Our goggles come with a silicone backed helmet-compatible anti-slip strap and a 2 year warranty and feature industry-leading SportCamZ® Italian-made Polycarbonate dual-layer goggle lenses.

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Dan and Zee Goggles have been an extremely generous unlimbited supporter since our first ski day. THANK YOU!

Product Review:

These are the goggles I wear and love - they're super comfortable, and the massive lenses give you the best field of vision I've had yet. And of course, the easily switched out, included lenses give you options to ski in any conditions.

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