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Moasure® ONE™

Moasure® ONE™

Measure 24 different ways just by moving around! All-in-one compact measure tool for 3D, 2D, circumference, angles, levels, and more!

MSRP $249.00
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Product Description:
Moasure® ONE™ is the world's first motion-measure - a completely new way to measure.

An all-in-one compact tool for measuring in 1D, 2D and 3D, diameter, circumference, angles and levels, Moasure ONE measures in 24 different ways just by moving around - just move it from one point to another.

It doesn’t matter if there are obstacles like furniture or walls in the way - just walk around them. Measure the length of the room, the house, or even the whole plot just by walking and tapping the device; measure to300m / 1000ft or more.

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