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Rapid Slicer® Quick Prep Slicing Tool

Rapid Slicer® gives you a safe grip while slicing through foods quickly by holding them in place. Use it as a stable platform for slicing fruit, grapes, olives, shrimp, chicken/meats & bagels.

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The Rapid Slicer® is a unique kitchen prep tool that cuts kitchen prep time in half. ​​

Safely slice a pint of cherry tomatoes, grapes or olives in the time it would take to slice one or two! The Rapid Slicer® gives you a safe grip while slicing through foods quickly and safely by holding them in place. It’s not just for produce! Use it as a safe, stable platform for slicing shrimp, chicken breasts/meats, bagels and English muffins. It also works great as a press to drain liquid from frozen spinach and shredded vegetables. The non-slip feet keep it safely stationary and top lid with handle protects your hand from the knife blade. ​​It adjusts to the size of items being sliced, allowing for larger cherry tomatoes, grapes and other small produce.

And unlike other slicers which are just for ONE type of food such as tomatoes, the Rapid Slicer is perfect for slicing meats, such as chicken breasts into thin, even cutlets and shrimp into bite size pieces for tacos or pasta dishes.

​​The dishwasher safe, FDA approved, BPA free, food grade material resists cutting, chipping or scratching. The lid locks onto the base for convenient storage while the ergonomic design helps those with poor hand strength.

​​A serrated blade works best for produce and breads. A sharp chef’s knife is recommended for shrimp, fish and meats.

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