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Aroma Pour-over Coffee Maker

Finally, a robot pour-over barista. Everything you need to make a delicious cup of coffee, anywhere.

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The idea behind Pour-Over Coffees has always been "quality over convenience" - but Aroma is here to get you both. Why not keep the convenience of a drip coffee while still keeping the fresher, richer, & bolder tastes of a Pour-Over Coffee? Aroma helps handle ALL the hassle and time spent waiting around for your pour-over coffee. It is your new favorite robot barista! More meticulous than machine-drip coffee, brighter and crisper than a French press, and less hassle or danger than a stove-top percolator. That's Why. You get a fuller serving of java than you'd get from a normal coffee-maker with Pour-Over Coffee. Just press the button and Aroma will put itself to work. The spinning tank will release the right amount of hot water into your ground coffee beans. Perfectly simulating a skilled barista's pour-over. Also saves you a ton of time. With Aroma, all the difficulties of pour-over coffee are handled automatically. Now, it’s a breeze to brew a cup of coffee worthy of the Specialty Coffee Association's “Golden Cup Standard.” Never sacrifice quality for convenience again.


Fresh coffee anywhere you go? Yes, easily and quickly too with this little portable battery operated drip brew system.

If you travel or if you make your own infusions, this is a great product, it's small and fits in your carry on AND you have the confidence that your appliance is clean, no more sketchy hotel pots.

I tried it with my own (not very expensive) regular ground coffee and it was as quick as my cuisinart, and just as good.

I also tried it with mint tea in bags, also came out perfect.

I would also recommend this for your home bar for Mexican Hot Coffee, Black Russians, Irish Coffee or your own creation. I'll share some recipes!

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