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Wave Mini

Cost-effective smart indoor air quality companion offering users real-time measurements and analysis of their home’s TVOCs, temperature, and humidity.

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A small product with a big impact, Wave Mini is a smart indoor air quality monitor that allows users to track and view their home, school, or office’s airborne chemicals (TVOCs), temperature, and humidity in real-time. With Bluetooth 5-enabled connectivity, Wave Mini connects to user's smartphone whenever they are within range of the device to continuously track the indoor air quality of their home.

Wave Mini notifies users of dangerous air quality conditions through a handy mobile app, and its budget-friendly price point allows users to purchase multiple units and track different rooms at the same time – offering a complete overview of air throughout their home. Airthings products also integrate with Airthings Dashboard, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT, offering seamless integration into an existing smart home system.

By being aware of the air quality in their dwellings, homeowners can make the changes they need to so they can breathe easy.

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