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Accidentally Accessible

Access Trax

An innovative folding pathway for wheelchair access over outdoor terrain. Removable hinges allow path customization. Fast & easy set up- just unfold! Perfect for garden, sports, travel, & events.

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Take control of your accessibility with Access Trax- the only foldable, lightweight, portable pathway for wheelchair access across uneven terrain such as sand, gravel or grass. Individual 3ft by 3ft square mats are only 5.2 lbs each and connect via removable hinges to allow customization to make turns or platforms. Ten mats can be unfolded over the terrain in 1 minute by 1 person. When folded for storage or transport, 30 feet (10 mats) stack ~3 inches thick, fitting in virtually any car. It can even be checked as luggage on a plane! With Access Trax, you can access the outdoor activities you enjoy without worrying about barriers. Perfect for home & garden, traveling, camping, and events!

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