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Use ButterEasy to easily spread butter without using a knife for prepping pans to keep food from sticking.

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Product Description:
Put down the knife and use the ButterEasy to quickly and easily spread butter on pans, griddles and baking dishes to keep foods from sticking. With ButterEasy you literally pick up a stick of butter with your hands, keeping your fingers clean and protected from hot surfaces--you can even use it on warm foods like toast, bagels and corn. Simply roll down holder to expose butter, roll up to store.

Cooking eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese and coating baking dishes with butter gets even easier with ButterEasy. ButterEasy eliminates the need to dirty a knife to cut butter for prepping pans, no more scratching pans with the knife to spread it around or wasting butter by chopping off way too much.

The three-piece design allows you to store butter in multiple ways…the body is made of flexible silicone to roll-up or down as needed and two different caps are included to give you storage options.

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