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Pico Model C

Pico Model C

Pico Model C is a countertop craft beer brewing appliance that has simplified the brewing process from grain to glass, making it possible for anyone to make and enjoy fresh craft beer at home.

MSRP $549
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Visit: https://picobrew.com/

Product Description:
The Pico C features technology and new accessories that solve the most common issues that stand in the way of making great beer at home, opening the door for anyone to be part of the craft beer making community.

Pico uses compostable PicoPaks, which contain the fresh, pre-measured hops and grains needed to brew fresh, brewery-quality craft beer every time. With the push of a button, Pico Model C recognizes the PicoPak inserted and follows brewing process instructions transmitted over a home Wi-Fi connection. Pico Model C brews five liters of craft beer in about two hours. Beer is then fermented and carbonated, and in 7-14 days it is ready to chill and serve!

Pico users can now select from over 100 PicoPaks from award-winning craft breweries all over the world.

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