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Forester Silicone Bags
$8.99 - $44.44

Forester Bags are made of premium food grade silicone. Our silicone bags come with a user friendly sliding bar to airtight seal the bags and keep the food fresh.

Yale Assure Lock SL - Connected by August

Never lose or fumble with keys again with this keyless keypad smart lock, which you can control remotely through the August app or with a simple PIN code.

SpiceLiner Spice Drawer Liner

YouCopia’s SpiceLiner® Spice Drawer Liner takes the guesswork out of those fancy spice drawers. By laying the liners flat with bottles on top (labels up), cooks can see all their spices in a glance while cooking. A new 10’ roll format is easy to cut with scissors for a custom fit in any size drawer.

SpiceStack® Adjustable Spice Organizer

The SpiceStack® Adjustable Spice Organizer stores 24+ spice bottles neatly in a kitchen cabinet or pantry. Three drawers glide out and lower to resting position, so cooks can quickly scan and select what they need.


The TeaStand® is the first tea bag organizer designed specifically for the kitchen cabinet. The TeaStand helps organize 100-120 standard-size tea bags in 12 clear, removable bins.

UpSpace™ Line
$19.99 each

YouCopia’s all-new UpSpace™ line features adjustable shelves to maximize vertical space and keep cabinets and pantries in order. With a one-minute assembly, your crowded cabinets can quickly look organized.

StoreMore Pan & Lid Rack

The Pan & Lid Rack organizes everything from frying pans and pot lids to cookie sheets and cutting boards, in 17” of cabinet space.

StoreMore Expandable Cookware Rack

The new Expandable Cookware Rack extends from 12” to 22” wide to maximize cabinet space, while reinforced support keeps heavy items – even cast iron – vertical and visible. The unit holds large pans, skillets, bakeware, platters and lids.

StoraLid Container Lid Organizer
US$ 19.99

YouCopia introduces a larger-sized footprint of its StoraLid Container Lid Organizer to help clear the clutter of 30+ lids in a cabinet or drawer…and create more joy in leftovers.

ShelfSteps™ Expandable 3-Piece Organizer
US$ 24.99

The ShelfSteps™ Expandable 3-Piece Organizer features three pieces that fit together and expand from 14.3” to 24.5” wide to make a grand display. Four tiers maximize storage space in the cabinet or pantry.

ShelfBin™ 4-Tier Divided Bin
US$ 14.99

ShelfBin™ 4-Tier Divided Bin has four compartments to keep small things – snacks, packets, pouches, seasonings and more – organized and upright in a cabinet or pantry.

Rapid Slicer® Quick Prep Slicing Tool

The Rapid Slicer® is a prep tool that gives you a safe grip while slicing through foods quickly by holding them in place. Slice a batch of cherry tomatoes, grapes or olives in seconds! Use it as a stable platform for slicing shrimp, chicken/meats & bagels.

Automatic Retractable Umbrella

Battery-powered, Solar-charged, REMOTE-CONTROLLED Retractable Patio Umbrellas

Truman's Starter Kit

Tackle virtually all of your home’s hard surfaces with just four non-toxic spray cleaners. Truman's utilizes reusable bottles and concentrate cartridges, so you simply add water at home. The cartridges are so small you can store a decade's worth in a kitchen drawer!

CrackSpot Egg Cracker

CrackSpot is the perfect egg cracking tool that fits on any bowl edge and limits shell fragments.


Use ButterEasy to easily spread butter without using a knife for prepping pans to keep food from sticking.

LeafTwisters Reusable Twist Ties
$6.00/set of 3

LeafTwisters are ecofriendly reusable twist ties to help keep items closed and organized. LeafTwisters are made of silicone with a metal wire inside to bend and shape as needed.

ClipCut Bag Cutter & Clip
$6.00/set of 2

ClipCut is a bag cutter and clip all in one. Now with the ClipCut you can easily cut open bags and then close them shut for freshness with one simple tool.

AeroGarden Farm Plus

The Farm Plus is a sleek and stylish 24-pod growing machine that delivers an abundance of fresh herbs, veggies, salads and more when you want them. Plus, with the Wi-Fi connection and AeroGarden App you’ll never miss a watering or feeding – key reminders conveniently arrive right on your mobile device.


Frustrated peeling hard boiled eggs? EGG STRIPPER™ is the simple solution, to quickly and magically remove egg shells from up to five eggs at once in under 10 seconds.

AeroGarden Bounty Elite

This 9-Pod soil free indoor garden uses 45 watts of LED power to keep plants growing stronger & healthier. The advanced touch-screen control panel with interactive display makes setting up and tracking your gardening success easy and fun.

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

This 6-Pod soil free garden was designed for the kitchen counter – with the perfect size and footprint for growing fresh herbs and vegetables year-round.

AeroGarden Sprout

Sleek and compact, the AeroGarden Sprout is designed to grow almost anywhere, from kitchen counters to your office desk and more. Ideal for fresh herbs, salad or flowers.


LEVO is the premium kitchen appliance for preparing herbal infusions at home, mess-free.