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Miiskin is a digital health platform helping more than 500,000 people worldwide track their skin for changes. It's recommended by dermatologists and a partner of The Skin Cancer Foundation.

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Miiskin is a digital health platform helping more than 500,000 people around the world routinely track their skin for changes. The app simplifies the self-examination process that is crucial to providing doctors with essential health information during checkup appointments. Deploying the latest in machine learning, computer vision and augmented reality, Miiskin reminds and empowers users to take individual and full-body photographs of the skin.

It's latest feature, Automatic Skin Imaging for skin self-exams, is now available on IOS and Android devices. With the capability of capturing full-body images, including front, back and sides, Automatic Skin Imaging is a simple way for the user to identify new skin lesions and more easily compare skin changes over time. This feature is an important reminder that approximately 80 percent of melanomas appear as new marks or moles and 20 percent come from existing moles, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation.

Miiskin has been at the forefront of machine learning and computer vision in dermatology since the launch of the app’s popular proprietary Skin Mapping tool, highlighting moles and other marks on the skin in photos. Skin Mapping is Miiskin’s consumer version of traditional mole mapping technology used by dermatologists in clinics to track skin changes over time with high-resolution imagery. Without Miiskin, tracking changes in the appearance of skin or moles is time-consuming and difficult to perform accurately. Miiskin users will use Skin Mapping with the Automatic Skin Imaging feature to highlight spots on the skin.

Miiskin is the only skin tracking app in partnership with The Skin Cancer Foundation. It can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, with advanced features available for a 30-day trial. Available in free or monthly options.

The premium version prices include an Annual option ($2.08 / month) and a Monthly option ($4.99 / month.

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