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Skin Care


SPOT MY UV are stickers which sense SPF and change colour when you need to use more sunscreen.

GTech Antimicrobial Spray

GTech Sport spray is fast drying, skin friendly, one step protection and deodorizer inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

GlideWear Prosthetic Liner Patches

The GlideWear Prosthetic Liner Patch uses a patented, dual-layer fabric technology designed to protect skin and reduce the friction & shear that causes skin breakdown for amputees.

GlideWear Underwear for Men & Women

GlideWear Skin Protection Underwear feature a dual layer, low friction fabric designed to protect at-risk tissue from developing skin breakdown. Designed specifically for wheelchair users with spinal cord injury.

Body Glide
$4.99 - $14.99

Body Glide anti-chafe balms are small and compact, and provide much-needed skin protection. Each formula uses plant-derived wax to prevent redness, raw skin and blisters from skin-on-skin and skin-on-clothing friction. Body Glide products are resistant to water and perspiration.

ACTIVE Skin Repair
$24.99 - 29.99

ACTIVE Skin Repair is the first multifunctional, non-toxic, skin and wound repair solution powered by the same molecule produced by our bodies in response to injury. This hospital-grade, clinically proven formulation kills 99.9% of all bacteria, reduces skin inflammation and speeds the natural healing process. HEAL faster GO Farther