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ChargeCard - The Credit Card-Sized Portable Charger

What do you do when you're on the go and your phone is about to die? The ChargeCard is a Portable Charger that is so tiny and slim, it fits in the credit card slot of your wallet!

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You may remember us from SHARK TANK as the inventors of the Portable Travel Safe called the AquaVault but here is our latest innovation that we're thrilled to bring to market. I'm sure we don't have to explain all the scenarios where you're on the go and your phone is about to go dead and you're nowhere near a power outlet. Instantly anxiety kicks in and you're immediately thinking about how to get a charge.

Imagine pulling out your wallet, slipping our ChargeCard out and instantly beginning to gain battery life quickly. It's like an insurance policy that just sits in your wallet. It even was designed with built-in cables so you can charge iPhones, Androids, headphones, speakers, iPads, Kindles and more. Each ChargeCard comes with four different cables (iPhone, Android, Micro-USB & a power cord so you can recharge your ChargeCard. It was recently called the Invention of the Year and we couldn't be more excited to hear that!

Take the ChargeCard anywhere you go.

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